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SC Mid-State

Beekeeper's Associat‚Äčion

NASA Hive Scale Project

We are pleased to announce that MId-State Beekeepers Association is involved in the NASA Hive Scale Project as of Spring 2014. The hive scale is just that: a hive on a scale. By weighing hives we can determine much of what is happening around the hive, such as nectar flow or dearth, among other things. The hives are also outfitted with interior and exterior thermometers and cameras. Despite the gadgets, the hives are maintained as any hive to be harvested is maintained; they are fed and treated if necessary and the honey is harvested. NASA is not tracking hive performance, but environmental changes. They prefer healthy, well functioning hives to do this in the best manner possible. See their guidelines and advice at:

The goals for this program are as follows:

1. Hive Management: Help the beekeeper determine when to feed, split, super and provide data to validate or invalidate beekeeping lore, practices, equipment, techniques, treatments.

2. Climate and Land Use Research: Provide data to NASA for analysis. Eventually do our own [NASA's] research as the hive database is built up over time.

3. Education and Bee Science: Attract students to education and science.

-goals reprinted from

To find information about the hive scale in Lexington, SC and all the hive scales functioning in the United States, visit

The MSBA hive is hive SC008.