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SC Mid-State

Beekeeper's Associat‚Äčion

Congratulations New Journeymen!


On November 10th, 2018 MSBA concluded the Journeyman Beekeeper Course with a review and testing. Twenty-one of the thirty-three course participants, from around South Carolina, sat for both written and practical testing. The practical testing was a mix of various testing modules that ranged from reading insecticide labels, identifying the parts of a flower, examining and identifying common (and not so common) beekeeping tools, identification of various bees, wasps, and hornets, and my personal favorite - judging a jar of honey. In addition to the written and practical testing, the Journeyman level requires five public service credits which may be turned in in conjunction with the testing or at a later date. Any single portion not passed may be retaken at the next testing opportunity.

We are proud to recognize the following Mid-State Journeyman Beekeepers for 2018 from the Midlands area:

Fleming Mattox, Journeyman Beekeeper

David Gobbel, Journeyman Beekeeper

Kathy Carpineto, Journeyman Beekeeper

Sheryl Brousseau, Journeyman Beekeeper

Glenn Severt, Journeyman Beekeeper

Rosalind Severt, Journeyman Beekeeper

Mark Hardenbrook, Journeyman Beekeeper

Todd Shealy, Journeyman Beekeeper

Neal Taylor, Journeyman Beekeeper

John Oxner, Journeyman Beekeeper

Philip Rabon, Pending Submission of Public Service

Preston Wessinger, Pending Submission of Public Service

This was and is an exceptional class of beekeepers. The class is challenging in content, both in and out of the classroom, and difficult. It takes a great deal of dedication and time to master the material. We have full confidence that the knowledge they have gained will result in them becoming better beekeepers as well as becoming an asset to their beekeeping community and local associations.

The course has been a great success thanks to the generous giving of time by our course committee, Lexington Soil and Water, Clemson, and our fantastic instructors all of whom gave generously of their time and talents. Our course instructors were Staci Siler, Dave MacFawn, Susan Jones, Danny Cannon, Sheryl Brousseau, and James Craig.

Course Modules covered were: History of Bees and Man, Nomenclature, Anatomy and Physiology, Bees and Their Relatives, Honey Bee Nutrition, Africanized Bees, Honey Labels and Regulation, Honey Promotion and Judging, Pollination, Pesticides, Queen Rearing, Pests and Diseases, Varroa Destructor, Making Splits and Nucs, Swarming Prevention and Control, Environment of Evolutionary Adaptiveness, The Bee Year: Putting it All Together.