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SC Mid-State

Beekeeper's Associat‚Äčion

2019 Certified Beekeeper Course Updates

Mid-State Beekeepers Association

Our next meeting will be Saturday, March 16th, 10:00 AM at:

Bee Trail Farm

1437 Jessamine Rd.

Lexington, SC 29073

(If we get rained out we'll reschedule for the 23rd.)

If in doubt check the webpage and watch for an email.

We hope you are excited about taking the Beginner Beekeepers course. Some new members have already started to attend our monthly meetings. We are excited to have all new beekeepers attend association gatherings. We try to offer an educational component at every monthly meeting to keep you up-to-date with what's happening locally in Midlands' bee yards and to prepare you for what to expect each month and each season. We hope you will begin to make attendance at monthly association meetings a part of your continuing education program over the coming year and beyond.

Our next monthly meeting is at McGregor Presbyterian Church on Tuesday March 5th at 6:30pm. A map is located on our website.

Looking Forward: Day in the Bee Yard 

Our final class will meet on March 16th (weather allowing) for hive inspections in the bee yard. We will begin promptly at 10:00am. Arrive early for fellowship chat. Bring protective gear (veil and gloves minimum).

The location will be at Bee Trail Farm bee yard:

Address: 1437 Jessamine Rd, Lexington, SC 29073 

Important Update:

For those that have chosen to take the Certified Beekeeper written test, we will see you the afternoon of March 16th, rain or shine, at McGregor Presbyterian at 1:00 PM for the Certified written test. The test is $10 and you must also be a member of the South Carolina State Beekeepers Association. (If you missed our first class, click HERE for a map to McGregor Presbyterian Church located at: 6505 Saint Andrews Rd, Columbia, SC 29212.)

To read the requirements and the SCBA notice of testing click HERE.

To register for testing visit the South Carolina Beekeepers Association's website HERE.

Now, on with the review. It's as easy as one, two, three!

1) Review for South Carolina Certified Beekeeper testing:

South Carolina Beekeepers Association Certified Study Guide

2) Also read over your class textbook, First Lessons in Beekeeping by Dr. Keith Delaplane.

3) Our neighbors in North Carolina have put together some fun learning tools and a Certified Beekeeper web quiz where you can test your knowledge beforehand: North Carolina Online Certified Quiz.

As promised, here are the PDF files for your course:

Day One:

Welcome and Agenda - Todd Shealy 

Working the Hive - David Gobbel

Equipment List (supplemental to class demonstration) - Wes Bommer

Day Two:

Welcome and Agenda - Larry Coble

Honey Bee Behavior - Mark Hardenbrook

Diseases and Pests of the Honey Bee - Staci Siler

Products of the Hive - Fleming Mattox

Fleming Mattox's Day Off - Humor by Fleming Mattox

Installing a Package of Bees - Wes Bommer

Seasonal Management - Larry Coble

Additional information requested:

Update: Have Questions? Need Support? Looking for a Bee Buddy? Take advantage of the Mid-State Beekeepers FaceBook Discussion Group Here.

Links to SC, Local, and Mail Order Bee Supply Companies - Visit SC and mail order bee supply catalog companies online. Request catalogs from larger mail order vendors.

Beekeeping Tips for Beginners - Includes: Painting and Preparing Bee Hives; Installing a Package of Bees; Feeding Honey Bees; Lighting a Smoker; Hive Inspection; and more.

This is a collection of tips and videos on topics such as assembling equipment, painting, lighting a smoker, hiving package bees, feeding bees in the Midlands, hive inspections, and more.

Beekeeping Vocabulary - Here is a beekeeping glossary to review. Like any new language, it gets easier with time and experience.

We'd also like you to spend a few minutes visiting our Fellowship Page. Beekeeping is part science and part art. Much of what you need to learn will be learned by experience and through fellowship with other beekeepers. Learn how you can stay connected with your local beekeeping community on our Fellowship Page.

Spring is always an exciting time for beekeepers. The good news is Spring starts early for beekeepers and Midlands area honey bees will start gathering pollen and nectar as early as February. Your appreciation for them, the seasons, and nature will be forever changed by what you will learn in your beekeeping classes.

Feel free to email any questions you might have regarding the links provided above to:

[email protected]