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SC Mid-State

Beekeeper's Associat‚Äčion

Registration Open- Bees in the Backyard! June 22, 2019 from 9am to 5pm at Bee Trail Farm located at Bee Trail Farm-1437 Jessamine Rd, Lexington, SC 29073. 

This is a great event with so much to learn. You must be a current member to order; please visit our "Become a Member" page to join.

Honey processing

Candle making,

How to split a hive

Integrated Pest Management (with demonstrations of the different types of treatments available),

How to do a mite check with alcohol wash, powdered sugar, and CO2

Reading frames

Master Gardener

How to make lip balm, lotion and soap

Building equipment

Mead making

Preparing and techniques for honey show

Queen rearing

How to set up a hive, costs, problem solving, hive tools

Registration is open to members only for one week and then will be extended to the other Bee associations. Sessions have limited space and 1st come 1st serve.

Cost - 50.00 a person and includes lunch 

Each person will be able to register for 3 sessions in the morning and 3 sessions in the afternoon.

Once you have paid for the class, the secretary will send an email with a form to complete your choices and the form must be emailed back to secretary for confirmation of classes or you may go to the following link once paid: Please complete the sessions you would like. Once you have paid then your sessions will be added to the class schedule

Vendor will be on site:

Johnson's Bees and Supplies -Williston- If you would like to place an order

call at 803-645-0969 and they will bring your order to the event and there will be no shipping charges. Their website is . They have much more available than what is on the site so don't hesitate to call them with questions.

If you have an allergy to bees or stinging insects, we ask that you not attend as we will be dealing with live honey bees and have no way of ensuring you will not be stung.

If attending, you will need to bring:

comfortable chairs

bee jackets/veils

bee gloves

If you have any questions, feel free to contact [email protected]

Pay Now Using the PayPal Buy Now Button

The Cost is $50 Per Person to Attend

Bees in the Back Yard Registration

Register For Bees In the Back Yard After You Pay