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SC Mid-State

Beekeeper's Associat‚Äčion

Registration for the 2023 Beginning Bee Class will open October 2022 and will end in the new year.

What a fantastic Christmas gift this would be for a friend or family member!!!

If you are new to this wonderful hobby, please do not let this hinder you from joining MSBA now! We offer a plethora of good information as you start your beekeeping journey.  

Questions?  Email the club secretary here: [email protected].

A class instructor and beginning beekeeping attendees discuss what tools are needed to put together a hive box.

Our 3rd beginning beekeeping class offered hands-on training at a member's bee yard.  The two pictures above show a swarm that had landed on a tree branch.  One of the class instructors showed the class how to capture and box a swarm.  This is as real as it gets!

Our beginning class was split into groups and was an assigned an instructor who showed them how to find the queen, larva, capped brood, burr comb and some other interesting things in the hive.