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What Member Bees did Summer of 2012 What Member Bees did Summer of 2012 Holly B's Russian Hive 162178046 Glen Purdues Kite Branch Honey Putting in packages April 2012 162178051 Claude McMillians girls 162178042 Claudes girls have lunch 162178041 Cooling it @ 102 on 7-08-2012 162178043 Girls cooling it in the birdbath George Bowers from 7-2012 162178044 Bee Girl in Clover 162178045 Louise Burpee Hive 162178047 Louise Burpee Hungry Gals Pretty yellow hive 162178048 Burpee Bees & Ginger Lilys 162178049 Proud Baby Bee Daddy Beautiful TBH comb 162178050